Last Doorman Standing at the kykNET Silwerskermfees

A short film

written and directed by Anneke Villet
music composed by Melissa van der Spuy

In the twilight of his life, 60-something Harry just wants to be left alone to lead his quiet existence. A dignified doorman at a five-star hotel by day, Harry spends his nights lovingly maintaining his collection of miniature trains. But the world is changing and it seems a free South Africa has no use for an older white man. He’s informed he’s too old for his job and must train his replacement before he leaves. Horror of horrors. The new doorman is a woman! She’s the boisterous, hyper social Vuyo who batters him with questions and nosy concern. Worse, Vuyo wins the attention of the beautiful, aging actress Marlene, whom Harry has quietly worshipped through the years she’s visited and stayed at the hotel. When Marlene takes Vuyo on a shopping trip, Harry finds an opportunity for revenge.




“Upright” is the first in a series of albums by South-African composer and performer, Melissa van der Spuy.It explores the nature and capabilities of an instrument (the piano, in this case) through composition.

“Upright” will only be available for digital sale. Click on the photo to buy on itunes.



In the updating of my discography I came across this gem. My first ever recording!

It was recorded at Rocking Horse Studios in 1996. I had won a competition called “Sterre 2000” for my compositions and the recording was part of the prize. The other half of the prize was R7500, a lot of money for a 17-year-old. I bought myself a Sony hi-fi and a Yamaha alto saxophone.

The song ended up on a compilation called “Cape Town Vibe” or something along those lines.
I can’t find it anywhere.

Some years later director Michael Rayburn came across said compilation (possibly in the R9.99-bin) and decided that “Technoblom” was the perfect musical zef for his movie.
Here is a clip from “Triomf”.

“Noem my wat jy dink jy moet:
Bokkie, Skapie, Engel is goed.
I wanna be your one and only


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Composed and performed by Melissa van der Spuy

The album explores a pre-World War II Otto Stierstad piano that is housed at Sunset Recording Studios.
Sounds and effects were made by playing the piano with different tools and processing the piano sound with different effects.

The video demonstrates some of the techniques used.